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2008 gmc 3500 dually towing capacity

This page is for personal, non-commercial use. Compare 38 Sierra HD trims and trim families below to see the differences in prices and features. We get it. Ads can be annoying. But ads are also how we keep the garage doors open and the lights on here at Autoblog - and keep our stories free for you and for everyone.

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You still haven't turned off your adblocker or whitelisted our site. It only takes a few seconds. Trim Family Comparison. Work Truck View 11 Trims. Features 6. WB SRW. Work Truck 4x4 Regular Cab in.

Work Truck 4x2 Extended Cab WB DRW. Work Truck 4x2 Crew Cab in. Work Truck 4x4 Extended Cab Work Truck 4x4 Crew Cab in. SLE1 View 11 Trims. SLE1 4x2 Extended Cab SLE1 4x4 Regular Cab in. SLE1 4x2 Crew Cab in.

SLE1 4x4 Extended Cab SLE1 4x4 Crew Cab in. SLE2 View 8 Trims. Additional or replacing features on SLE1 16" steel Wheels front air conditioning, dual zone automatic keyfob front doors Remote keyless entry premium cloth Seat trim driver and passenger Lumbar support. SLE2 4x2 Extended Cab SLE2 4x2 Crew Cab in. SLE2 4x4 Extended Cab SLE2 4x4 Crew Cab in. SLT View 8 Trims. Additional or replacing features on SLE2 4, rpm Horsepower 17" painted steel Wheels driver and front passenger heated-cushion, heated-seatback Heated front seats leather Seat trim.

SLT 4x2 Extended Cab SLT 4x2 Crew Cab in. SLT 4x4 Extended Cab By Bruce W. My foot rolls deeper into the throttle and the speedometer needle climbs at a very satisfying pace—obviously a direct result of having foot-pounds of torque rolling off the crankshaft of the 6. Back off the throttle and the Silverado settles down to a smooth, steady, quiet cruise speed of 65mph—uphill. The most beneficial—and expensive—to towing is upgrading from the standard 6. The hp Duramax 6. We saw consistent mids in city traffic, and mid- to upper teens on the open road cruising A note here: We dropped our speed to 60 and picked up 2mpg, which shows you that with a big pickup such as this it pays to drive slower in order to save at the pump.

During our two-week testing stint here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast we put on more than miles driving city streets, country roads and interstates. Such seat time gives you a good appreciation for the interior comfort and spaciousness of the Crew Cab LTZ. The LTZ has the upscale interior with the leather seating and power everything at your command. Those living in the snow belt will find favor with the heated windshield washer fluid system more effectively removes bug spatter and thin layers of ice and frost.

When the system is activated, washer fluid is heated to degrees F 60 C or more. The grille is much more open than found on the Series and the hood is taller and vented close to the windshield on each side.

The headlights are slightly larger, and the front fenders wider and more rounded—all working in concert to convey a broad-shouldered, muscular look which both Keith and I like.

A one-piece wheelhouse and inner box side offer strength and a smoother, more integrated appearance. The boxes are 1. All Dually models feature marker lights on box side panels and sleek cab roof lights that are aerodynamically integrated into the top of the cab. That gives the Dually instant appeal to truckers!

The tailgate designs include a lock and an available EZ Lift feature, with torque-rod assist. The tailgates are also easily removed by simply opening to 45 degrees and pulling straight out and away from the vehicle.

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Speaking of truckers, one of the new features available this year is fleet-model Duramax diesels are enabled at the factory to run on B20 bio-diesel fuel. That should help keep fleet operating costs down with the continually escalating costs of diesel fuel.The GMC Sierra full-size pickup was available in the following five body styles: regular cab with standard box, regular cab with long box, extended cab with regular box, extended cab with long box and crew cab.

The Sierra's towing capacity varied depending on body style and drivetrain. GMC offered a selection of four engines in the Sierra the Vortec 4. The V-6 was standard on entry-level Work Truck models. The 4. The 5. Three transmissions were offered: the 4L60 Hydra-Matic four-speed automatic and the heavy-duty 4L70 Hydra-Matic four-speed automatic.

Towing Capacity GMC 3500 Dually

The 4L60 was the standard offering on all models. Like essentially all full-size pickups, the Sierra was available with either rear- or part-time four-wheel drive.

Equipped with the base V-6, the regular cab could be had with either a 3. The two-wheel-drive, standard-box truck with the 3. With the 3.

2008 gmc 3500 dually towing capacity

The four-wheel-drive, standard-box model came only with the 3. The two-wheel-drive regular-cab version with the long box could haul 4, pounds with the 3. The four-wheel-drive model could tow a maximum of 4, pounds with its 3. With the 4. The four-wheel-drive regular-cab model with the standard box had a maximum towing capacity of 6, pounds with its 3.

The two-wheel-drive regular-cab truck with long box could tow 5, pounds with the 3. Finally, the four-wheel-drive regular-cab version with long box could haul 5, pounds with its 3. When outfitted with the 5.All rights reserved. Use of this site indicates your consent to the Terms of Use.

Login with Facebook. Remember Me? By logging into your account, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policyand to the use of cookies as described therein. Forgot Password? Mark Forums Read. Vendor Directory. Thread Tools. This might seem like a stupid question, but I can not find the answer.

I went in to a GMC dealer today - no answer. I searched and asked on dieseplace as well as GMC. I looked through my neighbors truck - still no answer. I do not need the 5th wheel capacity as my boat trailer does not have a fifth wheel. I do not need the towing capacity with a WD hitch as I don't want it.

What is the towing capacity for my regular, all standard Myco trailer? I am considering trading in my Suburban and go legal, but as of right now I cannot see it being legal with a dually 1ton. Not that it matters at all to find the capacity, but my boat and trailer weighs in dry at This means about Somebody must have ran into this problem before, and I will appreciate any and all help to guide me into getting the correct vehicle for my towing needs.

View Public Profile. Find More Posts by Kims. View iTrader Profile. Platinum Member. I have a '99 Chevy crew cab dually that I tow my Bullet with. Combined weight was 18,lbs, 63' form front bumper to the end of the bunk.

We towed from LI-SC last summer without any problems except stopping every miles for gas. The key was stopping power. Did the EOH conversion which is a must. Hope this helps. Find More Posts by cig Good Trailer brakes are the key for stopping capacity. Find More Posts by stainless.Any user that hea.

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2008 gmc 3500 dually towing capacity

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2008 GMC Sierra 1500 Tow Specifications

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2008 gmc 3500 dually towing capacity

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