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Sentence with jug

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Article Edit. Learn why people trust wikiHow. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Together, they cited information from 10 references. Learn more Explore this Article Constructing a Sentence with Although. Avoiding Common Mistakes. Tips and Warnings.A large, often rounded vessel of earthenware, glass, or metal with a small mouth, a handle, and usually a stopper or cap.

To stew a hare, for example in an earthenware jug or jar. US equivalent: pitcher. Austral and NZ such a vessel used as a kettle: an electric jug. Cookery to stew or boil meat, esp hare in an earthenware container. Switch to new thesaurus. A place for the confinement of persons in lawful detention: brighouse of correctionjailkeeppenitentiaryprison.

Slang: big housecanclinkcoolercoophoosegowjointpokeyslammerstir. Mentioned in?

sentence with jug

A jug of water akimbo bellarmine big house blackjack brig calaboose carafe carboy clink container containerful cookery cooking cooler coop cream jug creamer crock. References in classic literature? Pinocchio looked at the jug and said neither yes nor no.

Sentence for jug | Use jug in a sentence

View in context. On this occasion the person was only a miserable little child, crying over the fragments of a broken jug. I am proud to know that I lose my reason as immediately in the presence of a rare jug with an illustrious mark on the bottom of it, as if I had just emptied that jug.

Jim sucked and sucked at the jugand now and then he got out of his head and pitched around and yelled; but every time he come to himself he went to sucking at the jug again. Bob's reappearance with a steaming jug broke off the conversation.

All his furniture consisted of a bed, a chair, a table, a pail, and a jug. The bed had iron clamps, but they were screwed to the wood, and it would have required a screw-driver to take them off.

He then empties the water-jug into it--places the empty jug below the bag--leaps into the air--descends head-first into the bag--the water rises round him to the top of the bag--and there you are! Don Quixote finally grew calm, and dinner came to an end, and as the cloth was removed four damsels came in, one of them with a silver basin, another with a jug also of silver, a third with two fine white towels on her shoulder, and the fourth with her arms bared to the elbows, and in her white hands for white they certainly were a round ball of Naples soap.

She calculated his capacity as she would a jug 's, and filled him up every day with quack cure-alls. His belt was full of daggers and poniards, a huge sword on his hip, a rusted cross-bow at his left, and a vast jug of wine in front of him, without reckoning on his right, a fat wench with her bosom uncovered. Dictionary browser? Full browser?In he joined the band of Billy Eckstine who bestowed on him the nickname "Jug" when straw hats ordered for the band did not fitplaying alongside Charlie Parker and later Dexter Gordon.

Notable performances from this period include "Blowin' the Blues Away," featuring a saxophone duel between Ammons and Gordon. The s were a prolific period for Ammons and produced some acclaimed recordings such as "The Happy Blues" His later career was interrupted by two prison sentences for narcotics possession, the first from tothe second from to He recorded as a leader for Mercury —Aristocrat —Chess —Prestige —Deccaand United — For the rest of his career, he was affiliated with Prestige.

After his release from prison inhaving served a seven-year sentence at Joliet penitentiary, he signed the largest contract ever offered at that time by Prestige's Bob Weinstock. Both records were released simultaneously. Ammons died in Chicago inat the age of 49, from cancer. Ammons and Von Freeman were the founders of the Chicago school of tenor saxophone.

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Ammons's style of playing showed influences from Lester Young as well as Ben Webster. These artists had helped develop the sound of the tenor saxophone to higher levels of expressiveness. Ammons, together with Dexter Gordon and Sonny Stitt, helped integrate their developments with the emerging "vernacular" of the bebop movement, and the chromaticism and rhythmic variety of Charlie Parker is evident in his playing.

For example, in the saxophonist's recording of " My Foolish Heart " made Billboard Magazine's black pop charts. With a thicker, warmer tone than Stitt or Gordon, Ammons could at will exploit a vast range of textures on the instrument, vocalizing it in ways that look forward to later artists like Stanley TurrentineHouston Personand even Archie Shepp.

Ammons showed little interest, however, in the modal jazz of John Coltrane, Joe Henderson or Wayne Shorter that was emerging at the same time. Some ballad performances in his oeuvre are testament to an exceptional sense of intonation and melodic symmetry, powerful lyrical expressiveness, and mastery both of the blues and the bebop vernacular that can now be described as, in its own way, "classical".

He is often pictured playing a Brilhart Ebolin mouthpiece. Ammons is considered a major influence on the style of popular jazz tenor saxophonist Joshua Redman. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

American jazz tenor saxophonist. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. Retrieved The Dead Rock Stars Club. Richard Cook's Jazz Encyclopedia. London: Penguin Books. Hard Bop: Jazz and Black Music New York: Oxford University Press.We love our bright colourful bottle tops here on learning4kids.

There are tons of fun learning activities you can do with them, some of which we have already shared and others that are saved in the drafts folder. I thought I would collate some of these activities that have already been shared and bring them together into one neat post.

Watch the creativity and imagination unfold as kids play in the bath using water, bubbles and bottle tops.

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This is a super fun and simple unstructured sensory play activity for kids. Read more…. Another fun sensory play activity for kids but this time using bottle tops and rainbow rice or plain rice.

This is an open-ended activity providing an invitation to play and inspire creativity and the imagination in an unstructured way.

Watch and see the interesting and creative creations the kids come up with by using these simple props. We have made pancake stakes, cream biscuits and made 3d constructions using these bottle tops.

Make you own Homemade Number Stamps using bottle tops and foam number shapes.

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This is a sure way to make learning your numbers FUN for kids and create endless number paintings. Read more……. Bottle tops are also great for making crafty creations. This activity involves sorting the coloured bottle tops into groups according colour using the paper plates as a guide. Bottle Tops have brought so many wonderful and creative ideas to my kids play times.

They are a wonderful prop to promote imaginative play. Using the bottle tops for pretend food and a breakfast cereal are just two of many things kids can create with them.

sentence with jug

Playing with pretend money is a great way to introduce and learn about concepts relating to money and value. Make your own pretend toy money using bottle tops and printing off the free printable available.

Read more…. Bottle tops can be used as a concrete problem solving tool when learning basic number sentences. They are a wonderful size to grip and move around.

The bottle tops can also be used as a fun tool to measure with.This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience. Learn more Got it!

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The " primitive " vessels which have been found in Egypt are small in size and consist of columnar stibium jars, flattened bottles and amphorae, all decorated with zigzag lines, tiny wide-mouthed vases on feet and minute jugs. Their craftsmanship is proved by the large cinerary urns, by the jugs with wide, deeply ribbed, scientifically fixed handles, and by vessels and vases as elegant in form and light in weight as any that have been since produced at Murano.

The steam arms are designed to reach into large frothing jugs used for bigger take out drinks. Forms included sherds from bowls, jugstea pots, plates, cups, dishes, and large containers. Worcester-type jugs have a wider distribution than Malvern Chase jugstheir successors. Particularly eye-catching are over 20 original dressers, each different in their design, and glowing with copper luster jugs and blue pottery plates. More jugs of tea and coffee and large slabs of ship made chocolate and caramel shortbread.

Milk kept in silver jugsor with silver coins in it, is known to delay spoilage. Many of the medieval glazed wares typically have rim scars on the base of the jugsshowing that these separators were not used. The servants were bringing in jugs and basins, hot water for shaving, and their well- brushed clothes. The pieces of the Polywood Collection are made of recycled milk jugs that are turned into beautiful plastic lumber.

Typically milk jugstwo-litter plastic bottles and plastic take-out containers can be recycled. Some items such as plastic milk jugs and water bottles will be recycled curbside if your trash collection has a recycling program in place. Try mini jugs of maple syrup for a Vermont wedding, buckeye candies for Ohio nuptials, or horse and jockey figurines in your wedding colors for a Kentucky celebration.

Make luminaries using candles and plastic jugs or white lunch bags to line the walkway to the entrance. Conversion Products creates all of their furniture from recycled plastic lumber completely made from recycled HDPE 2 milk jugs.

Propane canisters and water jugs can be stored underneath the table in a milk crate or box. Symbol: Aquarius's symbol is usually a man although, in ancient texts it was a woman holding two life-giving jugs full of water that are then poured down to earth for the benefit of all.

Monster Jug Heads: Recycle old milk jugs by using acrylic paint to design your own Halloween monsters. Strength training: If you don't have free weights or a weight bench, you can still strength train with common household items such as gallon jugs full of water or sand, or paint cans. Set up a shooting gallery by placing milk jugssoda bottles, and tin cans in a row. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage.

They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary. Home Sentences jugs. Most UK measuring jugs also have fluid oz marked on them.

How to Use "Bottle" with Example Sentences

Not just painting kettles or white milk jugs black or whatever. Extra long steam wands to handle large jugs of milk. Bottle Bones: Recycle old milk jugs into a giant skeleton. Nearby Words. Jugoslavia jugoslavian jugoslavians jugoslavijan jugs jugsful jugula jugular jugular-vein jugulars.Literally, to put and store inside a bottle.

A noun can be used between "bottle" and "up" or after "up. A lot of people began bottling water up during the Y2K panic. To hold onto something inside, especially an emotion, and keep it from being expressed or released openly. Please talk to me, don't bottle up your emotions like that. She bottled her homemade chili sauce up and put the bottles in a box. She bottled up a lot of the stuff.

The patrol boats bottled the other boats up at the locks on the river. The police bottled up the traffic while they searched the cars for the thieves. Let's talk about it, John. You shouldn't bottle it up. Don't bottle up your problems. It's better to talk them out. Don't bottle it up inside you.

sentence with jug

Don't bottle up all your feelings. Repress, contain, hold back; also, confine or trap.

Arabic for Beginners: Lecture 3: The Jug Letters

For example, The psychiatrist said Eve had been bottling up her anger for yearsor The accident bottled up traffic for miles. This idiom likens other kinds of restraint to liquid being contained in a bottle. To store something by putting it in a bottle or bottles: We will need an hour to bottle up the apple juice.

After the wine is fully fermented, we bottle it up and let it age. To contain or suppress something, especially emotions, and not express or reveal them: If you keep bottling up what you're thinking, we'll never be able to help you.

I was angry, but I bottled my feelings up. Idioms browser? Full browser?To save this word, you'll need to log in. He says he's lost too many years to the bottleand that he's giving up alcohol.

Her struggles with the bottle affected her entire family. Has the baby finished her bottle yet? Near the top of the mountain, the climbers relied on bottled oxygen to breathe.

But it's not bourbon," 31 Mar. Send us feedback. Accessed 18 Apr. Keep scrolling for more More Definitions for bottle bottle. Entry 1 of 2 : a glass or plastic container that has a narrow neck and usually has no handle : the amount contained in a bottle : alcoholic drink bottle.

Entry 1 of 2 1 : a container as of glass or plastic usually having a narrow neck and mouth and no handle 2 : the quantity held by a bottle I drank the whole bottle. Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible. What does capricious mean? Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way. Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced search—ad free! We have a hard decision to make.

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Or 'unessential'? And who put it there, anyway? Literally How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. Is Singular 'They' a Better Choice?

sentence with jug

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